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Published: 25th February 2009
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Knitting can be a fulfilling hobby and is a great way to expand your crafting horizons. Like many crafts, taking up knitting is inexpensive. All you need is a few needles or a knitting board, yarn, and a great guide with free knitting patterns, beginner knitting tips, free loom patterns and tutorials. That's where FaveCrafts comes in.

Knitting with a loom or knitting board

According to Authentic Knitting Board: "A knitting board is a hand knitting tool that creates a double knit fabric, a two sided fabric that is finished on both sides. There is no backside. Compared to single knit with a knit side and a purl side, double knit creates the smooth knit side on both sides and the purl sides are inside facing each other. It is a much faster way to create double knit vs. two needle knitting. You can do your shaping by increasing and decreasing and your project stays right on your board. The knitting board is very versatile, and by changing your gauge, you can create many different looks, while using all types of yarn."

Top 5 Free Knitting Loom Patterns

1. 2 Hour Potholders:

2. Autumn Afghan with Fleur-de-lis Design:

3. BeeBopper Knitted Tote Bag:

4. Bostonian Hat and Scarf:

5. Cable Hat, Scarf and Mittens:

Organizational Tips for Knitters by Kelsey Innis, San Francisco, CA

When knitting, if you need to put down your work and you don't have a point protector handy, try using one of those erasers that fits over the end of your pencil. It's soft, so even if your needle doesn't fit snugly into the opening, you can jam it in. This is also useful when you are crocheting, especially with slippery yarn.

To use up yarn scraps, start a yarn ball! Just tie the scraps together. As long as it doesn't get too big , you can stash it in your bag. Just make sure you don't start using it for a project!

When knitting or crocheting, to help keep yarn tension even, wear a smooth gold ring on your ring finger and thread the yarn through it. This is especially helpful to those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

To remove wrinkles from yarn that has been ripped out, wind the yarn around a large box, like a suit box. Tie it in four places with contrasting color yarn and remove the hank from the box. In the microwave, boil a bowl of water, turn off the microwave, and put the hank beside the bowl. Leave it in the microwave for about 20 minutes. Then lay the hank flat on a towel and let it dry completely. Wind it loosely into a ball.

When knitting, try putting your ball of yarn into a Ziplock bag, almost completely closed except for where the yarn comes out. This prevents tangles and knots.

More Free Loom Knitting Patterns

Classic Knit Merino Hat:

Julianne Fingerless Gloves:

Chevron Scarf:

Double Knit Hat with Earflaps:

Giant Squares in Green and Gray:

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